Drafting KW article, checking NJ Charter Ads, running social schedule by the team, checking emails and doing what I do :)

Victory or Death: The truth about realizing your dreams

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” – Thomas Paine

Drafting KW article, checking NJ Charter Ads, running social schedule by the team, checking emails and doing what I do :)

What is your dream? Where are you going? What do you want to accomplish before you leave this earth? 

These are questions that you don’t ask yourself much as you navigate through your everyday life. But as you get older, and the time you have left gets shorter, you get more serious about it. Or, you just give up.  Read more

Helping people is the essence of success

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Success is a good thing, assuming you come by it honorably. Personally, I don’t consider someone successful in life if they don’t live honorably. And honor is always based in some way on helping others.

Success that is achieved honorably—by helping others—is cumulative.

One success leads to another. Your life just keeps getting better and better as you age. It’s a great way to live.

By the time you die, you have earned the respect of others, have deep and satisfying relationships, few regrets, and enough money to be able to pass some on to those you love.

The alternative isn’t much fun.

You are not honorable if you hurt others on your way up; if you break hearts and laws; and if you are selfish and demanding. Yes, there are plenty of examples of selfish people who make money, but they tend to do it in industries where the main driver is ego rather than helpfulness.

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Succeed in Business Kristin Zhivago

How to Succeed in Business: Persistence, Perspective, Personality

(Pictured: Our grand nephew, William, whose persistence, perspective and personality – not to mention his unbridled enthusiasm – will definitely help him succeed in life.)

There are three things you need to master in order to succeed in business. To make them easier to remember, we can call them the Three P’s: Persistence, Perspective, and Personality. These characteristics will help you succeed in life, as well. 

Let’s jump right in.

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Business English Tech

Business – English – Tech: Start Here

They don’t teach this stuff in school, and yet, when you get out of school, you are faced with the prospect of working for 40+ years.

Chances are, you will work in a business, or even start your own business.

In fact, your success in life – your ability to support  yourself and your family and have enough money to retire comfortably, and enjoy the options that enough money gives you – will depend on your knowledge of business, English (mostly writing, in the universal language of commerce), and technology. Read more