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They don’t teach this stuff in school, and yet, when you get out of school, you are faced with the prospect of working for 40+ years.

Chances are, you will work in a business, or even start your own business.

In fact, your success in life – your ability to support  yourself and your family and have enough money to retire comfortably, and enjoy the options that enough money gives you – will depend on your knowledge of business, English (mostly writing, in the universal language of commerce), and technology.

I don’t care where you’ve come from or where you live. With the Internet now, it simply doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters: Your ability to learn as much as you can about business, English, and tech, and your ability to put that knowledge to work.

I have a dear friend in South Africa. Her name is Allison. She has two sons still going to school. I came up with this idea while trying to figure out the best way to help her (beyond just sending money, which helped in the short term but doesn’t help in the long run).

But this site is not just for Allison.

It’s for anyone, anywhere, any age, who wants to be successful in today’s digital, global economy.

This past Christmas I bought all gifts on Etsy. Soon, small parcels containing hand-made treasures came from all over the world, including Turkey, Greece, Isreal, and the United Statees.

There is no reason why anyone has to be poor anymore, as long as that person has access to the Internet and is willing to learn.

And, anyone, anywhere, any age, who wants to start a business – I am writing for you, too. Even with all the information on the Internet, it is very difficult to find wisdom based on experience that shows you what matters and how to best go about it.

I’ve been a revenue coach, mostly in the tech industry, for decades. I have helped literally hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs, and their marketing and salespeople, increase their revenue. I now own and operate a digital marketing management company, where I can continue to be a revenue coach while also doing work for clients.

I wanted a place and a way to share my knowledge and experience with individuals. This is how I’m going to do it.

Best of luck to you, in all your endeavors.

Kristin Zhivago

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