Secrets of Successful Writers: How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Secrets of Successful Writers: How to Improve Your Communication Skills


The truth is, we are all writers now. Even if you are not officially paid to write, your working life will be much more successful if you write well.

There are plenty of sources for grammar, punctuation, and even writing advice, but I want to focus on the things that I’ve not seen written anywhere else—common mistakes and lessons I’ve learned writing thousands of pages/screens of copy and teaching others how to write. Hopefully all this will teach you how to become a more successful writer.  Read more

But You Don’t Live There Anymore

But You Don’t Live There Anymore

kristins wisdom

Bad stuff happens to good people. Bad stuff causes the victim to make a vow.

“I’ll never trust anyone again.”

“I’m never going to let anyone get close to me.”

“I’m so disappointed in [someone]. I won’t let anyone do that to me again.”  Read more

Career Advice for Millennials

Career Advice for Millennials


OK, everybody. Listen up. I want you to succeed. Big time. I want you to figure out what people want, what you can provide, either working for others or for yourself, and then go for it—and succeed. I want you to realize your dreams, feel good about what you’re doing, and live a full, love-filled life. These are my official tips for millennials to succeed in the workplace. 

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Performance vs. Puffery: How to become indispensable to your boss or customer


In today’s world, we are surrounded by puffery. Some of the most famous people are famous simply because they set out to be famous. Because it’s easier than ever to take a selfie and broadcast it to the world, they’re making a career out of it. And there are those commercials, selling messages that buzz around us all day as we go about our lives, especially online, where it’s getting pretty difficult to watch or read anything without being interrupted by a commercial message.

Everyone is selling something, whether it be themselves, their point of view, or a product or service. Nothing wrong with that; I’ve been helping people sell and market stuff for years.

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How Life Works: Tests, Lessons, and Self-Mastery

How Life Works: Tests, Lessons, and Self-Mastery

When we are born, we show up as a new character in the middle of a movie. What happens next—and the success we achieve before we die—is determined by 1) the circumstances we find ourselves in and 2) what we do about them.

Most of us are driven by certain desires and dreams for our lives. As our lives progress, we pursue success. We want to do more than survive; we want to thrive and excel. We want to be exceptional, to “make a difference,” as everyone says.

In order for that to happen, we need to pass the tests we are faced with, learn lessons we can apply going forward, and then, finally, learn self-mastery, which makes life amazingly wonderful. It’s not easy. But it can be done, with just one change in your thinking. Let’s look at tests, lessons, and self-mastery.

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Business Makes the World Go Round

My grand-nephew William again, enjoying French toast at our house after camping out on the lawn with his parents the night before. His parents are both successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

All day long, we are bombarded and surrounded by people arguing, on screen and over the airwaves. It’s like you’re living in a house where four of the five people living there argue constantly, compete with each other, lay around complaining, and force others to cater to their every whim.

Surrounded by all this noise and conflict, you’d think that was the most important thing.

It’s not.

While the four people are arguing all day, the fifth person goes to work every day and makes enough money to feed, clothe, and house all of the other people in the house.

Those “four people” are politicians, people yelling at each other in social channels, TV commentators, journalists on both sides, celebrities being negative and crazy . . . you know.

That fifth person, the one everyone takes for granted, is “business.”

What is business?
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Helping people is the essence of success

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Success is a good thing, assuming you come by it honorably. Personally, I don’t consider someone successful in life if they don’t live honorably. And honor is always based in some way on helping others.

Success that is achieved honorably—by helping others—is cumulative.

One success leads to another. Your life just keeps getting better and better as you age. It’s a great way to live.

By the time you die, you have earned the respect of others, have deep and satisfying relationships, few regrets, and enough money to be able to pass some on to those you love.

The alternative isn’t much fun.

You are not honorable if you hurt others on your way up; if you break hearts and laws; and if you are selfish and demanding. Yes, there are plenty of examples of selfish people who make money, but they tend to do it in industries where the main driver is ego rather than helpfulness.

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Want more respect? Change the way you communicate.


We work with others – and communicate with them – all day. How others perceive us makes a big difference in how we are viewed and treated at work. Our communication habits either make it easier for people to support and promote us, or make them decide not to support and promote us.

In other words, how we communicate has a big effect on our success. It matters. A lot.
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The Only Real Job Security: Aggressive Learning

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I was on a business trip recently, and noticed how wedded we are to our machines. They have become an extension of our existence. Everyone traveling was interacting with some kind of machine, either listening, working, or playing. What does this have to do with job security? Everything. 

The promise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are quickly becoming realities, where machines are evolving from being “things we command” to “things that learn on their own and take action.”

Machines are not just performing functions, they are learning from their own activities, gathering data faster than we ever could, and taking action on what they learn.

This is making a lot of people nervous. They are worried about job security.
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Succeed in Business Kristin Zhivago

How to Succeed in Business: Persistence, Perspective, Personality

(Pictured: Our grand nephew, William, whose persistence, perspective and personality – not to mention his unbridled enthusiasm – will definitely help him succeed in life.)

There are three things you need to master in order to succeed in business. To make them easier to remember, we can call them the Three P’s: Persistence, Perspective, and Personality. These characteristics will help you succeed in life, as well. 

Let’s jump right in.

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